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Tyler Lewis

"Mike is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He does not only teach you the game of basketball but more importantly teaches you about the game of life. Mike’s career was cut short due to injury but that hasn’t stopped his love and passion for the game. He is always coming up with new and inventive ways to make a positive impact on the players he is / has trained. Being a small guard myself I learned a lot from Mike. As a basketball player Mike was crafty / shifty / and had a high basketball IQ. Mike will not only make you a better basketball player but will teach you life lessons that are far more important than the game of basketball."


-Tyler Lewis, Assistant Coach Elon University,

2017 Sweet 16 Butler University,

Former McDonald's All-American 


Dylan Ennis

"I’ve trained with guys at every level. From high school, all the way to NBA trainers. The things that I appreciate about a person who is training me is their knowledge for the game, but even more than that, the passion and relationship they build with the people they train. I have not had a chance to get in a training session with my very close friend/ brother Mike Boyd because of my professional basketball career overseas, but I watch him from a distance, I talk to him on a regular basis, always view his latest training videos, and study how he interacts with the players he trains and the things he works on with them. He creates a connection that goes far beyond basketball. While still providing players with the necessary skills they need to take their game to the next level.


Mike was a player himself, and a teammate of mine. He was always striving to get better before his injury. And even after that, he did everything he could do in order to get back to the court.


An example, I remember in high school, we played a two on two game at a local gym in his hometown and we were competing at a high level. It was 1 game to 1, so whoever won the third game would be crowned champion. We were in the heat of battle, going at each other. In that third game, Mike strained his wrist with only two points left to score for the win. He pushed and pushed for us to finish the game knowing he hurt his wrist. There was nothing on the line, but pride and and the win. Mike wanted both. I had to physically drag him off the court because I didn’t want him to hurt himself more.


That is a clear definition of Mike’s character no matter what he’s doing that involves basketball! If that doesn’t give you a good enough idea about what Mike is about, I don’t know what else will!"

-Dylan Ennis, Professional Basketball Player for Basket Zaragoza, 2016 NCAA Final Four with University of Oregon


Charles Rosenberg

"I have worked with Mike since we were teammates in college at North Central. He is extremely detailed when it comes to player development. He has a gift for motivating his clients to get the most out of them and is always pushing them to their limits. He is a master of his craft and is always looking for ways he can help his players improve. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to grow both on the basketball court and off of it as well."

Charles Rosenberg

4 year Pro Chile

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